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Gypsum block standard2017/5/27 Current Location:Home-->News
  Gypsum block building materials industry standard JC / T 698-2010 "gypsum block" was released on November 11 - 22, starting from 2011 - 03 - 01.
This standard is a revision of JC / T 698-1998 "gypsum block". Compared with the original standard, the main changes are as follows:
- Added normative reference documents;
- Added terms and definitions;
- modified product classification, specifications and markings;
- added a chapter on raw materials;
- Removed the original standard single block quality requirements;
- modified size deviation, apparent density, fracture load requirements;
- increased minimum wall thickness requirements and test methods;
- modified fracture load test method;
- Revised sampling batch rules and decision rules.