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Small gypsum block production line

Product Details

Small (semi-automatic) gypsum block production line is my company's technical staff based on years of practical work experience, the latest design, development, for individuals and small and medium enterprises a product. The production line to abandon some of the small-scale production line does not need the equipment to meet the requirements of small and fine equipment, with low investment, quick and so on. And because of the use of a number of fully automated production line of the core technology, so the gypsum block to produce the appearance of quality and strength indicators are also reached the requirements of superior products.
     Automatic batching
     2. Closed high-speed mixing;
     3. High-precision chrome mold;
     4. Hydraulic squeegee, automatic scraping on the mouth;
     5. Standard electric hoist and fixture.

Product Parameters

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Customization process

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In order to be able to contact you in a timely manner, please be sure to fill out your contact information and demand information, you can enter your needs, such as the type of raw materials, capacity, feed size, the final product size, etc .; you can also QQ Contact our 24-hour online customer service, the ability to electromechanical - to become your satisfaction with the partners.

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