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Desulfurization gypsum processing production line

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  Desulfurization gypsum, also known as flue gas desulfurization gypsum, gypsum or FGD gypsum, is sulfur-containing fuel (mainly coal) after the combustion of flue gas desulfurization purification obtained by the industrial by-product gypsum.
    At present, with the development of industry, the increase in coal, from coal to the atmosphere of sulfur dioxide is also increasing, in 1995 China's sulfur dioxide emissions have reached 23.7 million tons. Become the world's largest emitter of sulfur dioxide, the resulting air pollution, acid rain and other phenomena is extremely serious. Therefore, the control of sulfur dioxide emissions is imperative, in accordance with the relevant provisions: that is put into operation after 2000 and under construction capacity of 10,000 MW of power plants should have desulfurization equipment.
    According to preliminary statistics, the total capacity of the desulfurization unit, which has been put into operation and is about to be put into operation, is more than 2,800 Mw, which has started 850 MW, and the total planned capacity is 3800 MW. By 2010, the flue gas desulfurization The total capacity of the unit will reach 40000 --- 50000 MW, that is to say, will produce more than 85% of the annual flue gas desulfurization gypsum 8.5 million tons.
Coal-fired power plant application of the most extensive and most effective sulfur dioxide control technology for flue gas desulfurization, is currently the world's only large-scale, commercial application of desulfurization. Flue gas desulfurization technology according to process characteristics can be divided into wet, semi-dry and dry three categories. Wet desulfurization process applications, accounting for more than 80% of the total installed capacity of desulfurization, such as the proportion of Germany is 90%, Japan is 98%, the United States is 92%. Wet stone in the absolute dominance of the lime, limestone - gypsum is the world's most mature technology desulfurization process.
    Desulfurization gypsum as a kind of gypsum, the main ingredient and natural gypsum, are calcium sulfate dihydrate, chemical properties and natural gypsum is very similar. But as a chemical by-product of chemical synthesis of gypsum, but also has the same characteristics with other chemical gypsum: a high free water, loose small particles, with a variety of impurities. However, due to the production process of desulfurization gypsum, which contains impurities in inorganic and insoluble mineral impurities, most of the gypsum processing and application of no major impact. In the desulfurization site, in order to improve the efficiency of flue gas desulfurization, technically for the desulfurization of limestone powder, calcium oxide content and fineness requirements are higher, these requirements objectively ensure the stability of the chemical composition of desulfurization gypsum. Therefore, in all chemical gypsum, desulfurization gypsum is the most easy, and because of its high grade (CaSO4 • 2H2O content of up to 85 --- 95%), as the production of gypsum powder raw materials is very suitable, the resulting Gypsum products are also have a high performance.
    It can be seen, in the appropriate technology and equipment under the conditions of technology, desulfurization gypsum will become a cheap, high-quality, high-grade gypsum products produced raw materials

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