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Phosphogypsum treatment production line

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  Phosphogypsum is a solid waste for the phosphate fertilizer industry, and phosphoric acid is the foundation of the phosphate fertilizer industry. The wet-process phosphoric acid production process is through the sulfuric acid decomposition of phosphate rock powder to produce extraction slurry, and then filtered to obtain phosphoric acid. The process of washing and washing produces both phosphogypsum waste. Generally produce 1 ton of phosphoric acid about 5 --- 6 tons of phosphogypsum, the production of 1 ton of diammonium phosphate emissions 2.5 --- 5 tons of phosphogypsum, China's wet phosphoric acid production is about 100 million tons, and with the China's high concentration of compound fertilizer industry in recent years, the rapid development of phosphate fertilizer every year by chemical companies discharged nearly 20 million tons of phosphogypsum.
    Phosphogypsum is generally powder, containing 8 --- 15% of the attached water and was slurry-like, particle diameter is generally 5 --- 150μm, the main component of CaSO4 • 2H2O, generally up to 70 --- 90 %, Which contains the secondary components vary with the ore source, the composition is more complex, generally contain rock composition, Ca, Mg phosphate, carbonate and silicate, in addition, also contains a small amount of Organic phosphorus, sulfur, fluorine compounds. The appearance of phosphogypsum is generally gray, gray, grayish yellow, light yellow, light green and other colors, the relative density of 2.22 --- 2.37, bulk density of 0.733 --- 0.880g / cm3.
    Phosphogypsum due to its different manufacturers, its composition, color, physical properties, impurity content, impurity type and so on because of its technology and principles are different, but they have the following some common characteristics:
    L. Most of the phosphogypsum has a high attachment of water, was slurry or wet slag discharge, in general, the content of water attached to 10 --- 40%, individual or even higher
    Phosphorus gypsum particle size is fine, the particle size is generally between 5 --- 300 microns, the production of gypsum powder, can save broken, grinding costs, but also produce a lot of dust, increase the cost of dust.
    Phosphorus gypsum generally contains more complex composition, but the content of less but the hydration hardening of gypsum has a greater impact on the chemical composition, PH value was acidic rather than neutral. To the effective use of chemical gypsum to bring greater difficulty.
    In the phosphogypsum, the active ingredient dihydrate gypsum content are generally high, up to 75 --- 95%, equivalent to more than two gypsum active ingredient content. If the content of its active ingredients regardless of its harmful impurities, industrial by-product gypsum can be used as high-quality gypsum production of raw materials.
Therefore, if the use of appropriate technology and equipment to eliminate the harmful effects of phosphogypsum, phosphogypsum will become a cheap, high-grade, environmentally friendly high-quality production of raw materials.

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